There is a lot of hackers in Migoland. Except they don't harm other players:-

1. MONEY HACK  :  Most of them hack for money. They download a hacking system which change the visual money and the actual money to the amount of money they wanted. For example : 193 coins = 100000 coins or/and 12 coins = 4560 coins. They can afford a lot furnitures and wardrobe and when they ran out of coins, they wil 'refill' them again to the amount they want. 

2. EMOTION HACK : There is other hack than coin hack. Which is the emotion hack. They hack the emotion with weird sorts of image like a christmas tree or a gingerbread man which does not related in the Migoland emotions. This hack is famous to Migoland players, which they will try the hack either.

3. BODY HACK : There is a few players who tried to look different and/or cool by hacking the character's body. There's a player who hack the character into a small green rectagular which covers the whole character. Few hack the whole body to be invisible and only can be detected when the player talks. Others hack the face to make it invisible.

4. Mario Pants: There are Mario pants players, lots of them, that hack themselves and can hack others to make a secret pants that doesn't appear in the wardrobe.

  -- 22:38, September 8, 2013 (UTC)Mia Lemley